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Butly Rubber Seal Tape
Butly Rubber Seal Tape
Butly Rubber Seal Tape
Butly Rubber Seal Tape
Butly Rubber Seal Tape
Butly Rubber Seal Tape

Butly Rubber Seal Tape

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This butyl tape is ideal for filling gaps and sealing joints such as those on bolt-on duct flanges and circular ducts in HVAC systems, air-conditioner casings, roofing and cladding systems, caravan roofs and panels, automotive windscreen and tail lights, glass and metal.

This tape is specially used where moisture and chemical resistance, thermal conductivity, flame resistance, heat and light reflectance is required. 


  • Works on any surface - Suitable for many things. Used for repair home leaks, cracks in roofs, leaks in window sills, water seepage, RV exterior, under house, toilet, tunnel, and subway. It is also a good vintage camper supplies to help you seal camper creak.
  • Durable - Made of butyl rubber by special processing, non - toxic, no contraction, anti-aging, safe and odorless.
  • Waterproof - Instantly stop leaking, never worry about a rainy day, practical repair putty stays strong adhesion on the various surface as well as heat insulation
  • Works in any conditions - You can use the butyl seal tape between -15°C to 45°C, high and low-temperature resistance.

Aluminium Foil Tape

    Three layers:

    • Film Backing: Aluminum foil or Polyethylene
    • Adhesive: Butyl rubber
    • Interleaf: Anti adhesive Film Treated with Silicone

    How To Use it?

    1. Make sure the surface clean and dry before application.
    2. Peel off the released film and apply the RV roof seal tape.
    3. Repeatedly press the butyl sealant until the tape is fully stuck with the surface.