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EasyClean Mop Bucket
EasyClean Mop Bucket
EasyClean Mop Bucket
EasyClean Mop Bucket
EasyClean Mop Bucket
EasyClean Mop Bucket
EasyClean Mop Bucket

EasyClean Mop Bucket

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We all want our room and floor look neat and clean. But sometimes, we hate cleaning the floors. With normal rugs, floor cleaning is a boring and exhausting job.?

Traditional type mop sets are also no exception.?

We have an innovative product to make your floor cleaning chore easy and enjoyable.

The EasyClean Mop and Bucket Set.

It is a combination of Mop, Bucket and Rugs. The materials is stainless steel and plastic.

The rug is made of micro fibers. It is tough on stains and soft on floor. It is suitable for all kinds floors such as ceramic tiles, wooden floor, stones surface and cement floors.

It's a light weight design. The innovative 360 Degree design of the handle makes it easier to clean most of your floor areas without moving the furnitrures. The traditional mops cannot reach congested gaps below the furniture.

The 2-in-1 Bucket

The main attraction is the innovative bucket design.

The bucket has two slots at the top. One is wet area and the other is dry area.

The wet area is where you keep the water. The dry area is to make your mop rug dry instantly. Just insert and take out from the slot 3 times. The rug will be dried like brand new. You don't need to touch the rug cloth by your hand.

The bucket has a drain tap at the bottom. Very easy to dispose the left over dirty water into the wash basin or sink.

Please see the images and video for better understanding of the product.

Dimensions :??38*23*18cm


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